How To Build A Solid Financial Foundation

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 Have you ever wondered why a lot of people go to school for 4-5 years? And after 4-5 years work for a company.

And yet after 4-5 years, they still don’t change their lives?

It’s not that other people want success while others don't.

With all the information that’s within our reach, there are things that don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what your background is. What matters is what you do with

that kind of information that you have. We’re not against a good degree. As a matter of fact it helps. But for

us, the degree is not going to guarantee.

And that is why we’re writing to you and to people like you. To tell you that wherever you are in your life right

now, you can still go to where you want to be. There is hope. The power lies in you.

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If You Lost Your Job Today, How Long Would You Survive?

Imagine this with us..

You’re comfortably working for a company for 25 years. And then one day, your boss comes to you and suddenly tells you…

“This is your last day.”

How disastrous could that be?

Imagine if you lost your job. You lost your source of income.

How can you provide for your family? How can you pay for your bills? With all the responsibilities at hand!

This is the exact thing that happened to this lovely couple Benj and Fely.

Benj is a mechanical engineer while Fely is an industrial engineer. Both of them worked in the semiconductor industry for over 25 years and had senior management positions.

From being managers, supervisors and even director level!

They were earning very well. But they also spent very well. (Gastos dito gastos diyan).

That got them into debts. Can you guess how much?

...a whopping seven figure debts! Oh and not to mention all kinds of loans.

Name it, they had it!

What could have possibly gone wrong? It is this...

Spending their money they even haven’t earned yet.

And that got them into the rat race cycle.

Work hard. Pay bills. Spend. Borrow money. Work hard.

Is this familiar with you?


People Have a Physical Check Up. But No One Ever Gets a Financial Check Up.

People tend to go for a physical check up when they experience physical problems.

A lot of people have financial problems, too! But do they really go for a financial check up??

Here’s the sad truth...

There’s more people sick in the pocket than sick in health.

Chisel this on a stone…

No one else is gonna change your life except you.You have to understand that its your responsibility and not other people's responsibility to change your life.

Changing your life is not about the rich getting richer or the poor getting poorer.

The rich get richer, that’s fine. But the average person has the right to become wealthy, too. And that includes YOU!

And yes there is a way. That is with the right information.

Do it Yourself. Change Your Life. Protect Your Family.

A lot of people are very successful simply because of knowledge.

And that’s what we want to show you..

Our main goal is to educate you. But unless you take charge, you really don’t know what will happen. So we need you to take action.

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you.


Your One-Stop-Shop to Everything You Need to Know on Financial Independence

It doesn’t matter what your background is. Heck, not even your level of education.

What matters is what you do with that kind of information that you have.

So we thought of a way to do it so SIMPLE so that everybody can do it.

So that YOU can do it, too!

And that’s our main advocacy.

We want to help create wealth for families. To make a difference for families so there will be No family left behind.

We are the International Marketing Group (IMG).

We help people Move from Dreaming to Doing. We bring life-changing financial concepts and solutions to middle income individuals and families who are overlooked by the financial industry.

Whether you’re a man or woman, old, young, married, unmarried...Even if you’re buried in debts or simply want to live a free, rich life?

...this will work for you!

With IMG, you’ll discover…

  • How you get educated on all aspects of personal finance...even if you don’t have no idea at all!
  • How to access hundreds of financial products and services.
  • How you can receive training and support to manage your money!
  • How you can save money on various products and services.
  • How you can Earn by sharing their know-how with associates in fast-growing industries!
  • Know how you can become your own money manager and financial educator!

Put these wealth-studded tips to work for you and you can soon eliminate your debts, gain financial independence, and live a RICH and FREE life!


“Yes, I Want to Gain FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, & live a RICH and FREE life!”

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